Used Vehicle Pro: giving you key facts about your car

used vehicle pro, VIN check, carfax,

Are you in need of a new vehicle? do you want to run a VIN check? Used vehicle Pro, provides an outstanding detailed vehicle report, which will help you to x-ray and know more about your vehicle. (VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number) in this article, you will learn how and where to find your car’s VIN.


used vehicle pro, VIN check, detailed vehicle history,

The Nigerian and West African market is swarming with loads of used and fairly used vehicles, constantly shipped into the country and continent by car dealers, to help buyers and dealers access the condition of their vehicles, Used vehicle pro, prepares and generates a detailed vehicle history report.

Most of the vehicles imported into the Continent might appear clean and sound on visual inspection, however, to decide if you should buy a car or not requires more than just a physical and mechanical examination, you need an in-depth analysis of the vehicle, such as analytical report is obtainable only at Used Vehicle Pro.

What else is required of a buyer to know about his or her intended vehicle? What do used car owners need to know about the vehicle they now own? They need to know or have a comprehensive knowledge of the vehicle history.

why you need to get your vehicle report from Used Vehicle Pro

A vehicle history report helps you to know how to manage your vehicle if you have bought the car already, and if one is yet to buy a vehicle its helps them to decide if they should buy or not.

The NUMBER OF PREVIOUS OWNERS: when you run a VIN check, Used Vehicle Pro tells you how many owners your car had in the past!

ACCURATE MILLAGE: There are instances where an Odometer reading has been altered, a VIN check at Used Vehicle Pro, helps you confirm an odometer reading, It provides you with the true or calculated millage of the car.

ACCIDENT RECORDS: All that glitters may not be gold Afterall!, most cars shipped into West Africa have at one point or the other been involved in a crash or accident, a VIN check helps you to know how many times your car was involved in an accident.

MAINTENANCE RECORDS: Used Vehicle Pro provides an unapparelled and detailed maintenance record of your vehicle. the rate at which a vehicle was maintained will help you to ascertain if the car is prone to mechanical problems or not.

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Has your car been involved in an accident?

How to make a VIN check

Running a VIN check is very simple and easy! in just three steps you have your vehicle report ready!

Simply visit Used Vehicle Pro, input your car VIN, The VIN also known as  Chassis Number can be found on the dashboard, driver’s side door, and on the registration certificate

VIN check, Used vehicle pro

What makes the Used Vehicle Pro report unique?

Used Vehicle Pro prides itself on being the leader providing vehicle history reports that show up to date historical data of any used vehicle.

Each report includes data from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Insurance companies, Auctions, State & Federal databases, Inspections, Service records, Recalls and more.

If you are selling a vehicle ensure you have a history report to conduct a quick and safe transaction.

Data shows that used car sellers in 35% of cases get their asking price when providing a detailed VIN check off their vehicle.

Buying a vehicle? It is highly recommended to run a VIN check on Used Vehicle Pro before buying a used vehicle to learn about the real history before making the purchase. We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars from buying a vehicle with a dirty past.

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The good news is that you can still make a VIN check on a Vehicle that you are currently using, it will help you to better manage and understand it.

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