More woes to oil as the Japanese builds a car that runs on Water

car that runs on water

A Japanese startup recently stunned the world by inventing the car that runs on water, using the companies technology water is converted into electrical power.

According to reports, to keep the car running all that is needed is at least a litre of water, this water can be rainwater sea water, river water, any kind of water even Japanese tea.

This care was unveiled at the western Japanese city of Osaka, an electric power car that runs solely on Hydrogen dioxide.

According to Kiyoshi Hirasawa, the chief executive officer of Genepax, ” the main characteristic of the car is that no external input is required, the care will continue to run as long as you have a bottle of water to add from time to time”

According to a Japanese broadcaster, once the water is poured into the tank, at the back of the car, the newly invented energy generator takes out the hydrogen in the water and releases electrons, and finally generates electric power.

we highly recommend our system since it does not require you to build up an infrastructure for charging which is usually the case with most electric cars

Kiyoshi Hirasawa,

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According to reports, one litre of water keeps the car running for about an hour at a speed of 50 miles per hour, the company has also applied to patent their technology and are collaborating with the Japanese automobile industry so they can make mass production in the future.

There have been reports of this type of tech, around the world in different ways and styles.

below is the video of this Invention.

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