10 Powerful and Affordable Solar Powered Gadgets You Must Buy

Solar Powered

Renewable energy projects and solar powered gadgets have received cold shoulders from many due to their initial cost of installation.

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however, without having to pitch costly panels on your roof you can afford the following solar powered gadgets.

Solar powered gadgets help us keep the air clean and free from pollution, the use of these gadgets can greatly reduce dependence on fossil energy sources and reduce the cost associated with energy bills.

Let’s take a walk through these essential and must have solar powered gadgets.

List of Ten Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar Powered Cooker.

Everyone must eat, no matter where you may be,solar powered cookers are mobile and easy to transport, they can be used at home, offices and during camping, they provide a means of harnessing solar energy in a safe manner, also they reduce dependence on camping gas cookers which sometimes may explode resulting to loss of lives and properties.

Solar Power Banks

Your smartphone will always have a charge with the Portable Solar Power Bank. The 20,00mAh cell can completely recharge a smartphone three to five times depending on the model.

You can also charge more than one device, as it is equipped with multiple USB ports.

When the power bank is depleted, just set in near a window or any source of solar rays to recharge.

LED lights will let you know when the solar panel is working and the battery’s status. The bank is design to be portable and relatively light weight, making it easy to carry.

Solar Powered Flashlight

This could be the best weapon for advanced preparation for a natural disaster, camping, or long-distance journey.

The solar-powered torch will function when conventional sources of electricity fail, it will prove invaluable when batteries fail.

The solar-powered flashlight will help reduce the disappointments associated with batteries. Solar powered Torch may come as floodlights, flashlights, and even emergency lights.

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Portable Solar Generator With Solar Panel

What comes to your mind when you think of power Generators, no doubt you may think of the noise pollution associated with them, not only noise pollution but carbon monoxide poisoning.

Portable Solar Generator combined with its panel is a great way to harness solar power around the house and eliminate both noise and air pollution, its really cool for mobile homes.

The solar generator is available in various sizes and varying power rating, so you will have to choose the one that is best for you.

Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Having used one of these products, I can honestly say that some of them may not give you the sound quality on a full speaker system,

however, when fully charged they can last for as long as eight hours, when charged for 5hours under good sunlight, it is portable and requires no expertise to use.

It will also charge your smartphone via the USB port. Some of them are waters resistant as well, making them great for poolside listening and social events.

Putting solar panels on your roof may be a challenge.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start powering your home with solar energy.

Using the gadgets above, you can charge your phone, light up the dark, listen to music.

Solar Outdoor Security Camera

These solar outdoor cameras come in varieties, but they are mostly wireless and built with an internal storage device, At night, built-in IR LED lights will help brighten up what’s happening outside.

These outdoor cameras are far from being complicated or difficult to install

Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

To me this is one of the coolest, it can really add tons of fun and security to your house and you can use it while camping. Even if you’re not interested in a surveillance camera, solar power can still help provide extra security for your home and camping booths.

The Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is very easy to mount it is equipped with a sticky pad and/or two screws, so anyone can actually fix it up all by themselves.

Everything is clean, no lousy wires.

The Solar Motion Sensor Gadget is Waterproof and weather-resistant, the light features 268 bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) that provide close to or equal to 1,800 lumens.

The built-in motion sensor can detect movement up to 26 feet away and with a 120-degree field and will automatically turn on the light for 30 seconds.

When motion is no longer detected, it will automatically shut off. Isn’t that cool?

Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Solar powered chargers provide flexibility, and comfort in charging any USB device, you can easily recharge your device during emergency situations, during natural disasters, while trying traveling especially while traveling by air. You can charge your Kindle, your GPS, and virtually anything that uses USB.
It is also very practical to use during hiking and camping.

Solar powered Bicycle Locker

This gadget is amazing!

You can lock your bike and remotely access the lock via your mobile device!

This smart equipment has a theft detection system embedded in it, just to mention a few.

Solar Powered Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch

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