Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World

Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World,Conubia nostra, per incetos

Technology has been dynamic since birth, this article will bring you Top 5 technologies that are revolutionizing the world. From the days of Biblical Tubal Cain to the reeds of the Nile, to the days of papyrus, down to when men harnessed wind energy, should we talk about Tamus the one called Nimrod, the brian behind babel’s tower, the great Imhotep of Egypt and his stepped pyramid, to the Tower of Paris, the dynamism of technology is enough to fill up this blog should we dare go into details? And in 2021 we have seen 5 great technologies disrupting the already existing systems.

Technology has changed the concept of the present world. Every day, people come up with new inventions to make our life more comfortable and changed. Especially the last decade has seen an unbelievable breakthrough in the field of technology innovation. Modern technologies have the potential to change almost everything and revolutionize the world.

The technologies we are already submerged with have paved the way to innovate further discoveries. And certainly, this is not the end. These have the potential to change our lifestyle by bringing in more comfort, entertainment, and excitement. In this article, we will discuss a few such technologies that are expected to bring revolution in the upcoming days.

Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World

Energy Storing Bricks 

Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World,

Recently scientists have discovered a way to store energy inside the house by building red bricks. Researchers at Washington University in St Louis have developed a way to turn these house building materials into “Smart Bricks” that will be able to store energy just like a battery. 

Though this is still at the embryo stage, researchers claim that these “Smart Bricks” will act as a supercapacitor and could store a substantial amount of energy, and can be recharged within a few times. If this can be implemented in reality, then it will bring a revolution in the energy sector for sure. 


Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World,

Nanomedicine is a branch of Nanotechnology that has already been proved as an effective solution in dealing with several diseases. Problems with many traditional drugs are, they are absorbed quickly before treatment and removed too fast from the body as waste. Nanomedicine can increase the time frame within which a drug remains active inside the human body.

Advances in molecular and cellular biology, material science, and genetics paved the way for developing Nanomedicine. Medical scientists are currently working on several types of equipment that will use nanotechnology to improve safety, efficiency, and personalization.  

Space Tourism

Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World,

Have you ever thought of watching the Earth from space? Space Tourism has opened the door to see that dream come true in reality. As of today, many famous companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and even Amazon’s Blue Origin are in the race to develop sub-orbital tourist vehicles.

Even though space exploration is in its infancy, the development of today will shape the innovation of future exploration. Researchers worldwide are trying relentlessly to take this innovation to the next level and the latest edition can be said to be the declaration of launching an experimental mission to the international space station by a team of researchers from Shizuoka University in Japan. It is not too far when Space Tourism will take part as an important portion of our entertainment.

Gesture-Based Computing

Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing the World.

Gesture-based computing generally refers to interfaces where the human body makes interactions with digital resources without using common input devices like a mouse, keyboard, game controller, or voice technology. This is an emerging interface and it is much more than shaking a device and intends to replace the work of a mouse or keyboard for communicating with a computer or tablet. It can bring lucrative applications especially in the field of education and effective marketing interactions between consumers and brands.


towards data science

Blockchain is the encryption technology behind the cryptocurrency which is used for storing and transmitting information transparently and securely without any central authoritative control. It can be denoted as a digital data management protocol that has a largely transparent and secure database.

With Blockchain Technology, no intermediaries will be required and users could conduct peer-to-peer transactions directly with a lessor or a driver without costing any intermediary commissions. Besides, it can be an influential medium working as an online voting system, compensation for the cancellation of flights directly, and a money transfer platform. With the attribute of automation of smart contracts along with several advantages, Blockchain is going to revolutionize the upcoming days.

There are other impactful technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Nanobots, and Quantum Computing. But these aforementioned five technologies can make revolutions in a real sense. Most of them are still at their embryo stage. However, at the present rate of development, we can expect to see more of their magic very soon.

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