How to Attend and Win Prizes at NAICE 2021

NAICE 2021

After the setbacks of 2020 the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Nigeria Council is set to hold the 2021 Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE)

The annual educative and informative event is scheduled to go live from 2 -4 August 2021 at Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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About NAICE 2021

NAICE is Africa’s foremost energy industry event and focuses on policy discussions, innovative application of technology, processes/industry best practices, new products and operational excellence to maximize value from hydrocarbon assets.

NAICE attracts industry regulators, high-level government officials, energy industry professionals at all levels, and other key oil and gas industry stakeholders. 

The theme for NAICE 2021 is “The Future of energy – a trilogy of determinants; Climate Change, Public Health, and the Global Oil Market’. Highlights of the event will include Technical Sessions, Panel Sessions, Exhibition, Topical Issues Workshop, Women Development Programme, Luncheons/Industry Dinners and Awards, Young Professionals Workshop and Pre-Conference Regional Section Officers Workshop and Short Courses.

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NAICE 2021,

How to Attend and Win Prizes at NAICE 2021

NAICE is a wonderful experience for all in attendance, especially the students and young professionals, as they have the opportunity to go home with many prizes, although the knowledge acquired and the network built during NAICE supersedes all prizes, nonetheless, going home with gifts can be fun too. so how can you win?

Be Attentive and Participate:

There will be a lot of avenues to get yourself fully immersed in the conference, do not miss the opportunity by isolating yourself, pay attention during lectures, take some notes, and answer subsequent questions, (even if you are already a pro), young professionals should be ready especially as they may likely come in contact with a potential employer.

Advance Preparation

Make background research on some of the companies and individuals that will be present, if you do this, it will influence the way and manner you address every situation, company, or individual that you may come across. Such preparation can give you an edge over your colleagues and help you to answer questions more brilliantly.

Get Involved

Being a player in a soccer match is more fun to me than being a fan. you can submit an abstract and make some nice presentations, or showcase a technology, however, at the time of writing this article, one can no longer submit an abstract, more so there was no “energy challenge” this year. so what else can you do?

take your time and study the image below, and see how you can participate or form a group to participate.

NAICE 2021,

Beat this deadline! form a formidable squad, and push yourself to glory. wanna be part of my team? contact us

have a wonderful conference in advance, be kind and share the link to the article if you find it helpful. see you at NAICE!

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