Demystifying Weak AI, with 5 Examples

weak AI

What is weak AI? What is your mental image when you think about Artificial Intelligence (AI) do you think of Cyborg? Transformers? Terminators? Killer Robots? Or some self-conscious Robot? Well if that is what you have in your imagination then, there is a need for you to fine-tune your imagination home. Why is that? Because, the above forms of AI are strong AI, it worthy to note that the current definition of AI applies to weak AI. In this article weak AI will be demystified with examples.

Weak AI is currently used by humans to solve day-to-day tasks, it can and has solved many complex problems, however, its functionality is limited to just programming. Weak AI is also known as Narrow AI, in this article, we are demystifying it with examples.

However before diving into the examples lets know what weak AI is all about.


When a computer program or machine tends to imitate or model human intelligence it is said to be artificially intelligent, it is weak because it can only solve a particular problem for which it was created, it does not possess the full cognitive ability present in humans.

Often times artificially intelligent machines are trained with data for a specified purpose,they can never  veer off or perform another task other than that for which they are trained .

Therefore a weak AI or Narrow AI, (which is what is obtainable now) models human intelligence for a specific task.

To illustrate, think about a computer Vision Program, designed to detect cracks in oil and gas pipelines, the machine learning model must have been trained with thousands of images depicting cracks erosion, or corrosion, and also images that are not eroded or corroded, this computer Vision program can only detect cracks, it cannot detect or warn about spillage, etc.

That is what makes our AI weak for now, whereas a strong AI is conscious of its existences and can function as a human, however, this form of AI only exist in the movies and in our Imagination, it may be a reality someday, however during my training I understood that the idea of humans being attacked by some AI robots they created, might remain only in our movies and Imagination. AI has continued to change the Oil and Gas industry in an amazing way.


So let us have a brief look at few examples, of weak AI, that’s the various forms of AI that is obtainable today.

The Recommendation Algorithm

Have you ever noticed that when you search for, say, flights to London, that subsequently, you may see adverts recommending some hotels in London? This is because an Artificially Intelligent Algorithm knows that a traveler will need a hotel, and so it makes that suggestion.

If you use an e-commerce platform such as Amazon or Netflix, you will notice the system giving you recommendations on similar products that you may like to buy. Such a system is Artificially Intelligent.

Digital Voice Assistants (Alexxa, Sirri)

If you are using an iPhone, no doubt you must have enjoyed the services of Siri, Alexxa and Siri classifies Data and responds in an incredibly fast manner.


weak AI

Chatbots come in handy in several organizations, in the Oil and Gas Industry it is used by newly employed workers, to get answers to questions, perhaps about a particular problem or how to operate a machine. Chatbots also come in handy in customer care services.

Image Recognition

Weak AI
Facial Recognition System, Concept Images. Portrait of young man.

Let’s not go far, there are mobile devices that can lock or unlock through facial recognition or speech recognition, in several industries especial security industry, facial recognition Algorithms are used in tracking and hunting down criminals, while in the healthcare sector, Image recognition is used in detecting disease from patients scans.


Weak AI,

Robots are currently utilized in several industries, Robotic arms assist surgeons in carrying out complex surgical operations.


There are many other examples of weak AI, they include search engines, Predictive and Preventive Analytics etc.

Currently, no Robot is self-conscious, Unmanned Ariel vehicles (UAV) and manufacturing robots operate with weak AI and are able to complete a finite set of actions they were programmed to do.

Conclusively, the field of AI which is a branch of Computer Science that deals with the study of machines mimicking human intelligence is a fast-growing field with numerous branches.

These branches include the ever-expanding Machine Learning field, AI will continue to influence our lives as did other techs now and in the future.

What form of AI are you expecting in the nearest future? And what is your best form of AI? Tell us in the comment section below.

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