Nigeria not ready to join the renewable energy race-DPR


Mr. Sarki Auwalu is the Director/Chief Executive Officer, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in a recent interview with the Guardian has revealed that developing countries such as Nigeria need not to join the heavy chase chase for renewables the way the developed nations are doing.

In his remarks he noted that most developed nations achieved development hrough brown energy , and African will also require this form of energy to achieve development.

There is no industrialized nation that is developed with renewable energy and renewable energy will only be developed with non-renewable means. What it means is diversification of energy. You have to diversify the energy, use more gas, use oil, which is crude oil because we need to refine. If you want to build an electric car, you only get polyethylene, polypropylene; and all the polymers from the refinery, you can’t get it from gas.

Sarki Auwalu

He argued that since non-renewables will still be relevant in 50 years time developing countries should harness and use this form of energy, instead of chasing renewables like the developed or matured economies.

Matured economies can afford to use renewable energy, but developing nations cannot. Energy security in Nigeria is just around 25 per cent; 75 per cent do not have access to energy, let alone renewable. What we are emphasizing is the responsible use of energy, which is to diversify energy use. And what are we doing on this? You see today we are saying we are migrating to gas. There is no refinery now without petrochemical attached to it. Even the modular refinery, produce diesel, heavy fuel oil (HFO), and naphtha. Naphtha is the building block for petrochemicals. So, we are engaging and pushing for hydrogen on one part because it is something that is gaining ground.

Sarki Auwalu

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