1O Reasons to hire a personal IT Technician

IT technicians provide the support and help needed to maintain the computers that drive our modern world.

The fast-paced nature of modern society is a result of the availability of computers in their different forms.

Every machinery requires not just maintenance but a good and proper one. Therefore the need for one to have a sound IT technician cannot be over emphasized.

It does not matter the size of your business, IT technicians, will help you to deal with various challenges that occur in the day to day use of electromechanical devices.

Hiring or having a personal IT Technician becomes even much more important if your business is constantly running.

Now let us consider some of the reasons why you need to hire a personal IT technician.

For Confidentiality

Having the right IT skill is not enough for one to be hired as a personal IT technician, because IT technicians most times during the course of executing their task, may come across your confidential data.

Hence, most companies and individuals go to a great length to ensure that they hire a trustworthy technician to handle sensitive devices.

Combating Malware most times require, that your computer or entire network be scanned by an IT technician, think about this? What if an IT technician manually plants Malware in your device?

The above line of thought should make you always consider your choice of IT Technician. there are many companies that are quite reputable in the provision of sound and skillful IT Technicians.

For Better Security

Consider the following statistics released by Webroot.

Webroot shared the following disturbing covid-19 -related trends:

  • Two percent of all COVID-19 websites created in the past few months were malicious.
  • There has been a 2,000% increase in malicious files with Zoom in their name.
  • A 40% increase in unsecured remote desktop protocol (RDP) machines for remote working. With unsecured RDP, cybercriminals will use brute force to gain complete control of the machine.
  • Unsecured RDP isn’t new, but during the pandemic, the attack area surface is only continuing to grow.

The above statistics are shocking! it goes a long way to show how easily an individual or a company’s network of computers can easily be infected or attacked if care is not taken.

IT technicians provide advice and up-to-date information on how best to maintain your network of computers. They help you to scan for viruses and maintain your system properly.


A gift is more valuable if it is given at the right time and right condition, for example, if you are outside on a cold winter night, will you appreciate a cup of cold water or a blanket if both were offered to you as a gift?

No doubt you will gladly appreciate the blanket; however, if you are in a hot clime, say a Hot Noon in Africa, no doubt you will appreciate a glass of chilled water to a blanket if offered both.

A good IT technician is like a blanket in cold weather, like chilled glass water offered to someone under the summer sun.

most IT companies can provide such handy and skillful IT technician.

An IT Technician can help you Save Money

But how? think about the amount of money you and your business will lose if your system suffers a breakdown, each hour spent without any useful work translates to losses in hundreds or thousands of dollars if not millions.

You may not know much about upgrading, however, most computer hardware and software can be upgraded. a good IT Technician can help you upgrade your systems and help you save the cost of getting new ones.

Provision of Backup Services

IT technicians can help you remotely and safely back up some of your sensitive data, without you worrying about disk space consumption.

They can provide the best advice on how to manage sensitive data, which could be damaging if your competitor should lay hands on them.

Improvement of Service Delivery

If your system is slow you will experience a lot of downtimes, and may not meet up with the demands of your clients.

This issue is a work-over for a skilled IT technician.

If your employees are spending a lot of hours troubleshooting their computers or battling technical issues during work hours, this will weaken your advantage over your competitor, hence the need to hire an IT professional cannot be overemphasized.

Confidence in Machineries

When machinery is constantly under the care of a skilled IT technician, employers and employees work with peace of mind, trusting that their equipment will not suffer a breakdown.

This type of confidence is required for any company or individual to be successful because a confident person is like a bolt of lightning that flashes forth from the mid sky.

Use of the Best Technology

If you are in the graphics industry per se, you must have observed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a dominant force in designing and graphics.

IT technicians can give you this update first hand and help you to know each and every technological transition as they are about to occur in your industry.

Customized Service

IT technicians can help scale your business and recommend the best set of equipment, machinery, and software that will yield the best results for you at minimal cost under the prevailing economic and technological conditions and government regulations.

For example, if you are using a cable subscription, it is best you hire an IT expert that will help you decide the best possible subscription package to use.

Effective and Efficient Management

Most essential resources available to man is scarce, and hence effective management is not enough, efficiency is necessary to enhance the smooth running of every organization.

IT technicians such as the ones available all over the world will help you maximize profit while ensuring that your cost of production is reduced to the barest minimum.


A good IT technician can help you achieve success at a fast rate.

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