New Seepage found in Bayelsa


Crude oil, also known as the black gold, was recently found seeping out from the ground in Beyelsa state, Nigeria.

The black gold was recently spotted as seepage in Otuabula 2, in Ogbia Local Government of Bayelsa state, this particular community is a non-oil producing comunity.

It was reported that the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) was present and extracted some samples of the seepage for further laboratory analysis.

It is worthy to note that according to petroleum geology a seepage is a surface occurrence of Petroleum(oil and gas), this usually happens when there is no barrier, trap, or cap rock that can limit the further migration of Petroleum, because of this lack of barrier, it migrates upwards through cracks or faults in rocks until it comes to the surface.

“I am here with NOSDRA to take a sample for testing, in order to get the signature of the crude. We are also trying to get the coordinate of the site to trace the OML the site falls under” said Chief Timi Seimiebo, who came to the place where the seepage was with NOSDRA officials to take samples, he reassured the people that government will do their very best to ensure that the seepage does not become a source of contamination.

our investigation revealed that there is no pipeline running through or bunkering activities taking place in and around the community. So for now, we would have to wait for the results to be out before we decide our next line of action.

chief Timi Seimiebo

the occurrences of liquid Petroleum helps geologist to predict and study the nature of the subsurface.

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