Total to Phase out Routine Flaring in Nigeria By 2025

Recent news from Total Nigeria indicates that the energy giants are set to eliminate Routine flaring in Nigeria by 2025.

It’s our job to meet growing

energy needs while reducing

carbon emissions

Patrick Pouyanné,
Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Total

Over the years many production techniques and technologies have been developed in a bid to reduce flaring and make fossil fuels cleaner, profitable, and more environmentally friendly, such technologies include Compression of natural gas, gas to liquid conversion (GTL), Allam cycle, and green completion.

The country Nigeria, is among the top rated gas flaring countries in the.

Data source: GGFR 2018

Total Nigeria is on a move to help clean up the atmosphere by eliminating routine flaring. the recent tweets from Total Nigeria official handles validate the above statement.

The company made known that their “ambition for 2050 is credible
only if we show we are ready to lead the way – and that’s just what we have done: no other energy major has decarbonized its energy mix as much
as Total.

Between 2015 and 2019, the Group reduced the carbon
the intensity of the energy products it sells by 6%. This performance reflects substantial investments, exceeding $20 billion, that have allowed Total to achieve a nearly eightfold increase in sales of electricity, while sales
of LNG have more than tripled.

And that trend is continuing: we will have nearly nine million customers for gas and electricity in Europe as of 2020. Clearly, actions speak
louder than words”

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