SAFETY TIPS: Finding a safer means of travel

safety tips

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Safety tips to ensure a suitable means of transportation

In this article, we are going to see how we can choose the best form of transportation so as to ensure our safety.

Safety tips to ensure a suitable means of transportation and Safety tips for emergency travel are for the general public as means of guidance on how to be safe when boarding public means of transportation.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic before? did you end up making the wrong decision on the means of transportation before? have you probably gotten home one day and said to yourself; aha! I would have followed that route, at least the fare would have been subsidized or you have never really thought on the importance of being safe than to be sorry?

Means of Transportation

There are various means of transportation. Having a look at the image below, you will discover that the means of transportation varies and also the mode of movement.

means of transportation

Road Safety Signs and Symbols

It is paramount we understand some road safety signs that an ensure a smooth and a safe drive. when last did you interpret a road safety sign you found along the road?

You can learn on safety signs and symbols using the the button below;

SAFETY TIPS: Finding a safer means of travel

The following are safety tips for unforeseen condition:

  • Stay calm

It is of great importance that we as humans try our best at maintaining our peace of mind even in conditions we didn’t expect. Staying calm is a tip in overcoming rash decision making in terms of means of transportation.

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Safety tips to ensure a suitable means of transportation
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stay calm

In an environment where everywhere is rowdy and no vehicle to board after having a stressful day.

  • Be at alert

Being safety conscious is another key that helps to prevent harm to human.

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safety first

Safety is key in everything we engage ourselves in. It is important we are safe than to be sorry for even if it just a domestic accident. Being in an environment mostly during night journey is very unsafe and we should try and avoid that. With the increase in pocket-picking, fighting, and also stealing on the street, it is not safe for valuables such as your phones, bank documents, bags, documents, etc.

  • Have a means of identification

Having a means of identification such as National IDs, visas, local government of origin, important and emergency phone contacts is a good thing to do.

For students, it is advisable to always have a student identification card even when on campus for easy identification, for drivers or motorist, it is advisable to have your drivers license, motor documents to avoid been interrupted in the cause of carrying out your work activities, for health officers or civil-servants and other private firms, you take your identification means alongside in terms of making a public means of transportation.

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A means of identification

These means of identification acts as an easy means of location and identity of a person which can aid in proper security of the person, and also avoid public harassment.

  • Avoid hopping into any vehicle

This is very common majorly in the busy parts of a country where means of transportation are few in terms of unforeseen roadblocks, traffic jams, and the rest.

Hopping into a vehicle is a very bad thing to do rather than a bad option to consider. That is an unsafe act of which can result in harm to the individual or individuals.

saftey tips
Safety tips to ensure a suitable means of transportation

When there are no vehicles, be patient enough to have easy access into the vehicle than running and hopping into a vehicle and it might be dangerous when what you hopped on ends up being a fragile piece of metal thereby leading to harm.

  • Have a predetermined path.

When there are roadblocks, it is often difficult to choose a path to take most especially when the direction to the address you are going ends up being locked.

We often make decisions late and that affects our outcomes that is why most persons complained amount the high rate of fare.

After going through a distance and realizing taking the wrong direction, there is bound to be confusion on where to start from because a decision has was made earlier which has influenced the outcome of the situation and pick a smaller means of transportation such as motorcycles and try circles.

  • Be patient.

Humans have a bad attitude when it comes to having patience in whatever they do and the decisions they make and this has caused a lot more damages than patient is not actually time wastage, no! it’s not. it actually gives you time to calculate when and where to pick the right choice.

Being patient doesn’t mean you should stand by the roadside and be mopping while others are getting a means of transportation at a late hour to get home because some persons do stand along the roadside which is of security concern and end up being a victim of circumstances.

Do all you can to avoid late night travel. wishing you safe journey.

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