Electric Cars in Nigeria: a closer look at 2035

electric cars in Nigeria

Someone made a joke “owning electric cars in Nigeria is like forcing a fish to survive on a dry land” what does this statement mean?

Well, the country Nigeria has been plagued since its independence with epileptic power supply, hence to the anonymous who made the above statement way back in 2018, it’s a futile quest to attempt owning electric cars in Nigeria. but is it really a futile quest for Nigerians to drive electric cars in Nigeria?

November 13, 2020, is a memorable day in Nigerian automobile history, that day the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu unveiled the first Nigerian electric car named Hyundai Kona.

On that day, “electric cars in Nigeria” became a possibility, the Stallion group launched the electric vehicle at the VON Automobiles Nigeria in Ojo, Lagos State where the car was manufactured.

Well, “one thing is getting a penalty kick another thing is scoring the goal “one thing is launching an electric car, another thing is having electric cars in Nigeria.

what could hinder the sales of electric cars in Nigeria?

In legal terms, there are no laws forbidding the use of electric cars in Nigeria. However, an Igbo proverb has it that “someone cooking pepper soup must have made up his/her mind to drink something hot” so if you are planning on importing a Tesla, you will also be willing to pay any extra charges imposed on the car.

A non tested/trusted product

Most money-conscious Nigerians are very much skeptical about the concept of having electric cars in Nigeria, these Nigerians are wary of patronizing local brands, let alone buying a car that is yet to show that it can withstand the harshness of Nigerian roads.

it will take a lot of persuasions for some individuals to see the need to become owners of electric cars in Nigeria.


The price of electric cars in Nigeria is relatively high when compared with fossil fuel cars. The average price of electric cars in Nigeria is about 18 million naira.

Tesla Model S price in Nigeria₦35,000,000 – ₦55,000,000
Tesla Model X price in Nigeria₦35,000,000- ₦55,000,000

This exorbitant price of electric cars in Nigeria can make one to easily conclude that those who which to own electric cars in Nigeria must be individuals who are financially buoyant enough for it.

Maintenance of electric cars in Nigeria isn’t a great deal, this is because the electric car has fewer parts, especially mechanical parts, and hence there may not be a frequent breakdown as the case is in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

The Nigerian road factor

For individuals to comfortably drive electric cars in Nigeria, the electric car owner must be residing in an upscale area, this means they must ride and enjoy their electric cars only in environments with good roads.

The question is, what is the ratio of good to bad roads in Nigeria? let that question be your take-home assignment.

Availability of charging stations

One of the measure concerns of electric car owners is recharging the car and the fear of running out of power. In recent times several technologies have been developed in a bid to tackle this issue

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during the inauguration of electric cars in Nigeria, the Stallion group representative said the following concerning recharging of electric cars in Nigeria.

Currently, Nigerian electricity consumers living in R1 category dwellings are charged only 4 naira per kW (over US$0.010). This means that when the Hyundai-Kona goes on sale in Nigeria, its owner will only have to pay 316 Nigerian naira (about US$0.83) for a full charge if the owner plugs the car into the public power grid,”

Stallion Motors

ICE are thriving because fossil fuel is readily available, however there are only quite a few station where the electric cars in Nigeria can recharge.

Epileptic power supply

Power and Energy is major point/agenda for political campaigns in Nigeria, if an officer is coming into office he will promise the masses of providing steady and stable electricity in the country, however, as usual, the sparrow will always have the size of its mother, yes, the one who made the promise will end up being like his predecessor or perhaps worse.

If you want to import electric cars in Nigeria, remember that electricity isn’t readily available hence you will have to provide what you need to recharge the electric car.

despite these challenges do you think “electric car in Nigeria” is achievable? if yes when?

if you are a car dealer or a manufacturer think about this: “Amidst adversity lies opportunity” do you think you can be the Nigerian Elon Musk? can you profit from these challenges?

let me highlight another challenge that the concept of “Electric cars in Nigeria” is facing.

Government support

BBC (pidgin) reported why the concept of “electric cars in Nigeria” is currently not working out, in the report, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce once sponsored a bill that was withdrawn after it was rejected by his colleagues, ( Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is one of the few owners of electric cars in Nigeria) the goal of the bill was to make the concept of “electric cars in Nigeria” a dream come true, such that Nigerians can stop driving ICE by 2035.

What is left to say when every word has been spoken? Nigeria depends heavily on fossil fuels for its revenue. well, your guess is as good as mine.

Electric Cars in Nigeria
Tesla Model s on the streets of Lagos.

One can not say that the concept of “electric cars in Nigeria” is mission impossible, and one cannot say exactly when it will be possible.

However, in this age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemly unpredictable. therefore we can keep our fingers crossed and watch closely, in my opinion, “electric cars in Nigeria” is possible and achievable, all we need is just one or more stubborn businessmen. and of course, they are available, the question is when will you act if you are one of such men?

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