5 Emerging Energy Technologies to Watch Out For in 2021

Energy Technologies

What does the future hold? what Emerging Energy Technologies will shape or reshape the energy industry?

The year 2020 will likely be remembered as a period of technology consolidation rather than breakthrough innovation in the energy industry.

Emerging industries such as offshore wind and lithium-ion battery storage have gone from strength to strength. 

There is an advancement in the production of electric cars and their use.

Tesla boss Elon Musk is currently the worlds richest man.

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Meanwhile, more novel technologies such as energy blockchains and flow batteries may make this year an interesting one.

In some respects, this is no bad thing. It signals that many low-carbon grid technologies are maturing and achieving the scale needed to compete with fossil-fuel generation. this is true because existing technologies such as solar is being improved constantly.

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And there is still plenty of scope for innovation in maturing sectors.

In the battery market, for example, “the supply chain is constantly battling disruptions resulting from the limited mineral supply,” said Lindsay Gorrill, CEO at the energy storage firm Kore Power.

Although despite the advancement in technology, decarbonization may still take a longer period of time.

Let us now highlight some emerging energy technologies that may reshape the energy landscape in 2021.


5 Emerging Energy Technologies to Watch Out For in 2021

Technologies that improve Solar Energy Efficiency

Qinye Bao at East China Normal University in Shanghai and his colleagues added capsaicin to these ultra-thin perovskite solar cells during the manufacturing process.

Bao and his team suspected that capsaicin might have an energy-boosting effect because it can free up electrons that can go on to carry a charge.

They tested the capsaicin-treated solar cells in the laboratory by exposing them to artificial light to simulate sunlight and measuring the electrical current running through them.

What was the result of this experiment?

The solar Panels treated with Capsaicin became even more efficient, yielding 21.88 as against the non-treated ones with 19.1 percent.

This experiment may lead to an increase in the use of solar power.

Researchers have found that solar panels treated with Capsaicin is more efficient than others.

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Researchers in Japan however are combining various polymer and molecular semiconductors together as photo absorbers to create a solar cell with increased efficiency.

Many other laboratory works are also going on around the world, in a bid to increase the efficiency of solar panels and cells.

Researchers, based in Hiroshima University of Japan, blended a collection of polymer and molecular semiconductors as photo-absorbers to create a solar cell with increased efficiencies in terms of electricity generation.

These cells so developed are known as “organic photovoltaic cells” (OPV)


Offshore Solar Farms

“Offshore floating solar has the potential to be the next frontier, but there are still challenges to overcome within the inland floating solar arena,”

said Molly Cox, a research associate at Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

Despite the setbacks caused by the covid-19 pandemic offshore or marine solar project investments, seem to flourish.

And its popularity on the increase. this concept may go mainstream during course of the year 2021.

Advancement in Battery tech

A California-based company, Nano-Diamond Battery (NDB) has unveiled a battery that uses nuclear waste and lasts up to 28,000 years.

The power of the nano-diamond battery comes from radioactive isotopes used in nuclear reactors.

Its radioactive core is protected by multiple layers of synthetic diamonds,

According to the Mohr’s scale of hardness, one of the hardest materials to damage or break is Diamond.

The energy is absorbed in the diamond through inelastic scattering, which is used to generate electricity.

The battery can be used to power devices and machines of any size, from aircraft and rockets to electric vehicles and smartphones.

Batteries are now used to help FRICTION POWERED AIRCRAFTS take off, expanding its applications the more.

A day may come when we may not need to charge our batteries anymore


Green Hydrogen

Renewably produced hydrogen is fast moving from the category “emerging” to “established.” At least 10 countries are already jostling for leadership positions in what some see as the next big thing in energy. 

In theory, this industry could reach the scale of oil and gas, but with very low emissions and significant value for electricity grids [by] helping to integrate variable renewable energy

Paul Ebert, group vice president of new energy and networks at consultancy Worley.

In addition to its use as a source of energy for the grid, green hydrogen has ample potential to help decarbonize industrial processes, gas heating, and heavy transport.

Wireless Energy Transmission

Wireless electricity
finds it application where the use of wires may be hazardous,

Wireless energy transmission might gradually reduce the use of batteries, as it continues to reduce cost and increase the mobility of mobile devices.

Wireless Energy Transfer falls into two Categories:

Near field and Far Field

Learn more about Wireless energy transmission here

 many decades ago, the thought of communicating
with distant relatives seems to be like a magical idea, wireless communication which prevails today, also looks as though it was impossible many years ago. 

With more research and development the potential hazards posed by the far-field
the transmission will be brought to the barest minimum, wireless energy transfer will
bring about more advancement in technology and ease of doing stuff.

These few tech are not the only ones that are shaping or that will shape the energy landscape in the comming years, but definitely they will all have a major role to play in achieving susutaianability in the energy industry.

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