How to make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain

How to make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain

Hello! wanna know How to make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain?

Then you are in the right place, you must have used some online shopping platforms such as Amazon to buy goods that were shipped to your location.

The major goal of Stakexchain is to change the narrative in regards to e-commerce to a system where customers can be financially rewarded whenever they purchase a product, as this will promote the company and build customer loyalty.

Stakexchain has a carefully designed payment plan that can last over a decade of business activity and they constantly check and balance in order to ensure that their current payment system doesn’t jeopardize their goal for the long term and sustainability.

But Think About This

How about Getting Paid every day for just shopping once in the Stakexchain E-commerce plateform?

How About being part of a company that shares its profits with its customers?


Does the above sound so good to be true? well you be glad to know that millions of people around the world are currently earning millions of dollars already!

what are you waiting for?

Are You Ready To Make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain?

If yes is your answer, then you are one of the few who are currently taking a bold step toward financial freedom.

Stakexchain has been providing amazing products on their e-comerce website.

amazing products that enhances the health and well being of customers.

How to make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain

The stakexchain system enables you to accumulate shop wallet point through the network marketing and stake share profit system.

This shop wallet is used to purchase products from the e-store area.

Assuming you bought some product worth $100 package from the e-commerce platform, you’re automatically placed on the Stakexchain 3 by 9matrix where you can earn a share of commissions from the purchase of other customers.

So assuming this is you and Mr a, Mr b and Mr c, shops after you on the $100 package, and was placed under your matrix, you’re going to earn 10% of the shopping volume of Mr a, b, and c which equals $30(30%) and when 9 other person shops on the $100 package and are placed under you, you earn 15% of their shop volume which equals $135(135%).

So in total you have made $135(135%) plus $30(30%) which equals $165(165%).

Now to ensure a sustainable and long-lasting system the company keeps part of that money as their profit and pays the rest to you which is paid in bits within a period of 30days, depending on your initial shopping package, either as a basic, classic, or pro member.

After the company has deducted their own profit, you will be left with an average of $124(124%) to $129(129%).

Meaning you bought a product for $100 and in 30days you can earn a total of $124(124%) to $129(129%) , now in order to ensure the sustainability of the system, just as you earned the stake shop profit from other customer purchase, other customers will also earn a share profit from your own next purchase, so the money you’re paid is split into two sections, 80% is paid as shopping voucher which you can use to re-order product from the e-store and 20% is paid as commission which you can withdrawal whenever you want

Isn’t that Amazing?



How to make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain Compensation Plan

How to make $100+ in a week Using Stakexchain
A stakexchain dashboard/backoffice showing various ways to earn

There are different ways of earning through stakexchain

  1. Stake share commission
  2. Stake share matching commission
  3. Direct referral commission
  4. Binary commission
  5. Binary matching commission
  6. Rank incentives
  7. Fast Track Bonus
  8. Level 1 and 2 mentorship commission
  9. Stockist commission
  10. Promotional/testimonial bonus

Stake share commission

– earn commission daily for 30 days from the stake share profit system, in order to keep earning you have to re-order products with your shopping wallet.

Stake share matching commission – earn a percentage on whatever your down lines earn daily on their daily stake share commission.

Level 1 – 15%

Level 2 – 8%

Level 3 – 4%

Level 4 – 2%

Level 5 – 2%

Level 6 – 2%

Level 7 – 2%

Direct referral commission

– here you earn 20% onetime referral commission on whatever registration or upgrade volume generated by your direct down lines.

Also whenever you refer someone who becomes a stockist you will be paid 10% on whatever the stockist earn per month

There is no limit to how much you can earn on your direct referral commission irrespective of your entrance or current upgrade package.


Mr. A registers on gold basic $120(120pv)

So you earn 20% of $120 = $24

If Mr. A upgrades to bronze pro $1,920(1,920pv) you will earn a percentage of the difference of the old and new package volume $1,920 – $120 = $1,800

So your new referral commission will be 20% of $1,800 = $360

Here you can refer as many persons as you want.

And as they move from one package to the other to enable them learn and earn more you make more money.

Binary team commission

– here you earn 10% binary commission to infinity on all volumes generated on your lesser leg.

Binary matching commission

Earn a percentage of whatever your down lines earn daily on their binary team commission.

Level 1 – 20%

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 10%

Level 4 – 5%

Level 5 – 5%

Rank incentive

Jade – accumulate 10,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $100 cash award , $200 free shopping voucher and a luxury wrist watch worth $100

Pearl – accumulate an extra 40,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $300 cash award and $400 shopping voucher

Sapphire – accumulate an extra 100,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $5,000 car award and $1,000 continental trip award or 2,000 shopping voucher

Ruby – accumulate an extra 450,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $15,000 car award and an all-expense paid intercontinental trip award worth $2,500 or $5000 shopping voucher

Emerald – accumulate an extra 600,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $30,000 car award or 50,000 housing plan award paid in 5 months

Black diamond – accumulate an extra 1,200,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $200,000 housing plan award paid in 10 months.

Note : once you generate up to $5000gv on your lesser leg, you are recognized as a stakexchain leader and will be given various free award products, you can contact your stockist center on this area.

Rank commission volume for mentors also accumulate for rank

Promotional bonus

Make and promote a 1-2 minutes testimonial video and get paid a percentage of your current stake package based on the number of views , commissions are only paid once a month.

10 – 1000 views = 1%

1001 – 5000 views = 2%

5001 and above = 4%


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Need clarifications?

Do not miss this opportunity to earn passively without referrals.

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