Egbim Power Plant Recruitment 2021: see if you are shortlisted

Egbim Power Plant

Sequel to the job application exercise conducted by Egbim power plant, shortlisted candidates are now being contacted, so they can commence their test.

The test which is to be conducted online has been scheduled for 9th January 2021 will be conducted online by Dragnet.

The test has five (5) sections: Test of English, Mechanical Maintenance (Turbine & Boiler), Workshop (Fabrication & Welding), Instrumentation and Control, and Electrical Maintenance.

How to know if you are shortlisted for the Egbim power plant recruitment

If you are shortlisted Dragnet will contact you via the mobile number which you used during the registration.

you will also receive an email, which will contain detailed instructions on how the test will be conducted.

You will receive your login credentials which you will use.

Tips for great performance

  • Ensure you complete and pass all the recommended test in the email sent to you
  • If you do not own a PC, hire a good one, with a good micro-phone.
  • Use this time to read about boilers and turbines and anything you can remember from thermodynamics
  • read the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and follow the instructions
  • seek clarification on anything you do not understand before 8 pm of 8th January

Do’s and Don’ts of the test


  1. The test must be taken in a well-lit room
  2. The test should be done on a computer with a working webcam and a working microphone
  3. The test must be done using a computer with internet connectivity
  4. The test must be done without assistance
  5. The test should be taken in an environment free of noise and disturbance
  6. Writing materials and pen are allowed
  7. You must have a valid ID available. This should either be uploaded or put up to the webcam when instructed


  1. Do not for any reason leave your computer once you have commenced your test
  2. Do not communicate with anyone once the test starts
  3. Do not minimize your screen or switch to any other web page once the test starts
  4. All communication devices (e.g., Smartphones, Tabs, iPads, etc.) should be kept away before the test starts
  5. Do not make or receive phone calls once the test starts
  6. Do not have anyone accompany you or sit next to you once the test starts
  7. Do not obstruct the webcam at anytime
  8. Do not use a mobile device such as a phone for this test
  9. Do not wear a nose mask for this test

contact us via Whatsapp for preparatory materials

best wishes.

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