Interesting! Is There Need Diversifying as a Nigerian Undergraduate?

Diversifying as a Nigerian Undergraduate

Is There Need Diversifyng As A Nigerian Undergraduate?.

Have you really thought of diversifying from your course of study as an undergraduate of any Nigerian institute?

diversifying as a Nigerian undergraduate, is it a good or bad thing?

If you haven’t thought about it, this is the time to do so now.

The majority of undergraduates make the mistake of hoping much on government for the provisions of white and blue-collar jobs whereas reality has really dealt with some graduates who didn’t think about the need of diversifying or learning a skill.

or even think of starting a Small and Medium-Scale Enterprise (SMSE) which has caused them to labor more on job search thereby increasing unemployment with subsequent reduction in GDP.

2020 has been a critical or rather was a critical year where the world experienced several backdrops most especially cut down in a number of jobs but you will notice small and medium scales businesses, personal enterprises/skilled individuals stood the test of time.

It is important we note that job is not “in waiting” although we may have some professional qualifications or might have some relevant certifications, we ought to strive and get the best not only by searching for jobs but also by creating jobs.

Speaking and finding the thoughts of some undergraduates and the general public on the above subject matter: “Is There Need Diversifying As A Nigerian Undergraduate?”, I have come to realize that as a Nigerian undergraduate or graduate, it will be best if you have something lucrative doing because as the population keeps on growing, graduates keep on increasing, and technology continues to advance there may be bound to be workforce reduction in most firms.

There may be many factors that will lead to unemployment.

“Is There Need Diversifying As A Nigerian Undergraduate?”

There is a need to diversify as a Nigerian undergraduate, graduate, or young professional. The following reasons should be considered:

The Reality of Diversification Without Beginning the Process of  Decolonisation – Diversity Digest
Diversifying as a Nigerian undergraduate
  • The need for personal sufficiency.
  • The need for financial independence.
  • The need to create jobs.
  • The need to be self-sufficient.
  • The need to self-dependent.
  • Avoidance of monopoly.

Diversifying as a Nigerian Undergraduate

The comments and data obatined from the following individuals, explains not just the need to diversify as a Nigerian Undergraduate, graduate or young professional, but to diversify in life.

Diversifying as a Nigerian Undergraduate
Diversifying as a Nigerian Undergraduate

It is better to have a course of study and a “sabificate”.

Queen Bello

What does she mean by a “sabificate”?

sabificate (Nigerian pidgin) in this context refers to a skill which one acquires other than their course of study in a higher institution.

someone with a “sabificate” is considered to be self-reliant, such a person is open to more opportunity than others who are not quite skilled.

It depends if the course of study doesn’t favor such a person after graduation.

Osemudiame Shalom

Aside from being in school and having thoughts on working as an engineer, professional, or an expert, it is good and ideal to have a skill which you can work on or start planning towards it before graduation because, after school, allowances undergraduates do get from parents, aunties, uncles or relatives may not be there anymore.

So, start up something for yourself before graduating so you can fend for yourself before you get a job.

Diversification is core and critical which is based upon the partnership between the school and business community or other facets of work-life that produces a higher longer-term return

Osokpro Ojevwe

Like he said; it is a key thing, something any wise student ought to emulate.

a man shouldn’t be “monopolistic”


According to Dipo, a man shouldn’t be “monopolistic”, in the generation of income because of his/her forsaken days.

Toby said: It becomes painful to know that when you ask a child growing up the question “what do you want to be in the future?” of which this question gives the idea that there Is only one thing someone can do with his/her life and that will be doing it right after studying it in the university.

If a job in the technical/professional field you studied is not forthcoming, reach into your inner genius and create something.

That is why this generation encourages creativity with tools like YouTube, programming, blogs, podcasts, etc.

According to Anthony Ifediora The human being on his own is diverse.

He is political, social, emotional, analytical, spiritual, and of course, physical, and these aspects are of different degrees in different persons.

Being diverse as a human only put him in consonance with his nature.

Sharing a brief story of his career with me, I came to understand more, and I realized that one can only cheat human nature if one is not diverse in aspects that they ought to.

I will leave you with his words:

“if you cannot find more than one, find one need to diversify as an undergraduate”.

Anthony Ifediora

Don’t forget you are not isolated, you live with people, on earth, with your environment through interconnected activities.

“Not diversifying when you can, in his opinion, is not being true to your human nature.”

According to Oyewole Fortune, the Nigerian educational system has influenced students or rather has made students understand the reason why they should diversify.

I recall my lecturer in the person of Mrs. Omafume. M. Orji (a Geophysicist) while addressing my class once said “if you know that your head or your natural abilities can actually drive you towards achieving “distinction or first class” in your academics or career and you are not working on that rather you feel lazy and you are okay with ‘pass’ or the least level you are not doing yourself well”  

From the above comments, we have seen that there is an urgent need for the Nigerian citizen or an undergraduate to have the following;

  • Sources of income.
  • A professional certificate/qualification
  • A skill qualification
  • Skill generation ability
  • Skill implementation ability
  • Job creation through small and medium-scale schemes
  • An additional course of study in cases of change in manpower or workforce and for future purposes.
  • Study courses that can easily be applied even without being employed by a firm.
  • Be acquainted with reality
  • Not being idle while applying for job opportunities in areas of specialization

conclusively, don’t make the mistake of saying “not everybody that went to school made it”.

Some didn’t need to go to school to become successful because they identified their purpose and passion early in time and followed it.

some might need to go to school before they become successful.

Do well to understand where you ought to be, your purpose, passion, before comparing and criticizing yourself.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. you can share and leave a comment for further discussion.

In case you a Petroleum related or Geoscience undergraduate or graduate looking for where you can fit in or diversify from your course to a future related course, you can click on the link and check for more.


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