How to Make your Dreams Come True in 2021

The man whose dreams come true is the man who dreams at daylight with eyes wide open, for only a man who is awake can turn his imagination to reality.

Ugochukwu Sosthenes.

Some persons may set a goal to achieve during or before the year runs out, let’s say you want to get interned in the energy industry, on the long run it is noticed that most people become dissatisfied with their achievements, some call it a quit, while some may get distracted or discouraged.

What can help one to achieve his set goals?

Outline your dreams (goals)

Not having a goal, is like driving without a destination, you will exhaust both yourself and the car, hence to begin you need to have clearly defined goals, objectives that you want to achieve, when you have set goal(s) it is as if you are driving towards a known destination.

Don’t be distracted

This world is filled with distractions and attractions. Do not underestimate the power of distraction, consider this: what do you think could happen to a driver who continues to look through his window while driving in a high way?

He may lose control, or maybe hit by another vehicle, so when you are riding on the highway to reach your goal always avoid being distracted or attracted to anything that will slow down your pace or at worst stop you. Distractions can come in many ways; it can come in the form of associations or individual habits.

Find the right associates

A good associate is like a co-pilot, he stays alert with you. Note that he is not a co-driver but a co-pilot, this is because when a driver is tired he pulls over at the Conner of the road and rest, but when a pilot is tired he does not even think of pulling over or parking he must reach his destination and hence both in his absence and presence a good co-pilots will provide the support needed.

So the need to associate with people having the same frame of mind cannot be overemphasized. Associating with people who are already where you want to be will make you live and behave as if you have achieved your goals.

Live in the future

To catch a monkey, you must act like a monkey.

African Proverb

“To catch a monkey you need to act like a monkey” so says an African proverb, yes indeed you need to learn how to jump and dive. You need to start thinking every day as if you have achieved goals and dreams.

Make a list of possible set back(s)

In engineering, while making any design we usually imagine and account for the worst-case scenario, this worse scenario may never ever happen throughout the life of the equipment/machinery being designed, but we design it after all.

After outlining your goals, can you make also a list of things that can possibly stop you from achieving your goals? This is necessary because anyone who fights a battle without a well-defined enemy might be in for an unusual surprise.

Hence outlining and understanding problems are the key to solving them. Outlining them will help you tackle them with the right weapon.

Work on your goals

Goals are not like investment schemes where you just put your money and watch it grow. It requires daily attention if it is to be attained, every work has tools which makes it possible to be done, for an example, if you are trapped in a dense jungle you may need a cutlass and a GPS in other to find your way home, selecting the right tools can help you achieve your dreams.

Imagine what could happen to a student who ought to write an exam comprising of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics but has been practicing only chemistry, it is necessary that one attains a level of balance so they can achieve their goals.

Be humble and do not create enemies

If you defecate on the road while embarking on a journey, definitely you will meet flies while returning.

African proverb.

Do not step on people while you climb your social ladder, this is so because successful people need help like every other person.

One thing is somersaulting another thing is landing properly on both feet.

Sosthenes Ugochukwu

when you get to the top there is nowhere else to go except down, hence if ever you created enemies while climbing, these ones may get back at you when you slide a little bit off the top. They may even drag you down totally instead of helping you.

Be prepared for unforeseen occurrences

many persons do say: “I wish I could see tomorrow” hence do not expect everything to go as you have planned, unforeseen occurrences have been a constant part of human history, hence preparing for it and knowing that it may happen not only helps you to deal with it but also makes you not to feel too disappointed when it happens and hence quit.

Use your past to create a better future

A good driver will always consider his side mirror, not because he is driving backward but because he wants to get a balanced view of the road and understand how best to drive, likewise our pasts or mistakes should be used as warning examples and help us to create a good future,

Don’t give up!

it is as simple as that, yet very difficult. If you apply the above-given suggestions it may be very difficult for you to quit and also if you know where you are headed problems will not make you quit, setbacks will only make you even stronger.

Remember the value of gold appreciates; only when it has been refined in a furnace, a good captain is known not on a calm sea but on a very rough sea.
Problems and difficulties can only make you stronger.

Share Your Goals With Others

Sharing one’s goal is a golden step toward the achievement of one’s goal, this is because those with whom you shared your goals will be looking up to you and observing to see if you will really achieve your goal, this will put you under pressure and give you a positive motivation that is needed in other to reach your goals.

Procrastination: The Thief of Time

Procrastination is a negative tool that will hinder you from achieving your set targets, so how can you beat this bad habit? setting deadlines for yourself, wake up early each day write out the goals you want to achieve that day, and then get to work, this will help you to have a fulfilled day. says: ” see you at your goal”

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