Project ‘iSmart’ Rocks Morocco


As energy transition heightens, African countries are now gradually joining the band wagon, Morocco joins with project “iSmart”

Morocco has built a car charging station, which was locally made.

the charging station manufactured in Cherifian kingdom, will be assembled in Green park by automobile manufacturers.

Green park is an international platform for test research and training located in the heart of Morocco.

The project dubbed “ismart” is a provision from the Cherifian kingdom to help electric car owners, to charge their vehicles.

The industrial production of ismart will comennce next year (2021)


For now iSmart will still be located in the research, testing and development center. The Green Energy Park, located in the town of BenGuerir, Rehamna province in Morocco, will also serve as an assembly centre for the “iSmart” charging stations.

According to Badr Ikken, the general manager of IRESEN, 5,000 recharging stations for electric cars will be assembled in Morocco by 2022, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector.

iSmart” recharging station will be connected to a monitoring platform that facilitates control and maintenance, integrates CO2 sensors and a static and dynamic projector in order to offer several services to users and cities.

The charging station will also be able to connect to the 4G and display information and advertising.

A platform has been set up to monitor and manage the charging stations in each city

Badr Ikken
electric cars

The “iSmart” charging station offers power ranges of 7.5 kW, 22 kW and a capacity of 50 kW allowing a small car to be charged at about 30 minutes.

For the Moroccan authorities, this is a much greener solution that supports existing electric charging stations.

It could be recalled that wayback 2018, electric vehicles recharging stations were put into service, in the Tangier-Agadir motorway and in the cities of Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier.

These charging stations where assembled and put into about Nine service station By Total.

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