Amazon To Generate Renewable Energy in South Africa

Renewable Energy in South Africa

US Tech giant Amazon is set to generate renewable energy in South Africa, the electric energy generated will be used to power Amazons data centers and also provide power to the region where the data center(s) are located.

Amazon cloud computing subsidiary in cape town will be powered by the electricity so generated.

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Data centers are heavy consumers of electrical power, and just like blockchain based mining equipment they can easily get really heated and will need to be constantly cooled for the equipment to work properly.

According to Reports the power that Amazon will generate will come from a remote location in the Nothern Cape.

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The Nothern Cape is the home of the solar based project.

The estimated power that will be supplied after the construction of the power house is 28 gigawatts hours (GWh) of renewable energy.

The power house construction is scheduled to start 2021, after construction the supply is estimated to be able to power more than 3,000 middle class households with electricity.

The renewable power project will also be connected to the South African grid.

This will mean that the affected city Eskom which has been generating the majority of its power from coal will be frog leaping in a more stable and renewable source of energy.

The project has become the first to be approved by South Africa’s energy regulator as part of efforts to improve power generation in the country.

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