How The New Schlumberger NMR Tool Will Impact LWD

How The New Schlumberger NMR Tool Will Impact LWDHigh Definition NMR Tool

New tech emerging and old tech evolving, How the new Schlumberger NMR tool will impact LWD is a way of evaluating the potential of the new tech on logging while drilling services. This high definition tool which is suitable on complex lithology.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Logging-While-Drilling (LWD).

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Schlumberger being one of the world’s biggest and technologically advanced and improved technological practiced Oil and Gas Industry servicing company has come about a new development in the logging while drilling aspect of the industry which is termed the MagniSphere* high-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service. This development of which is the mark of Schlumberger has proven to be an effective tool even from the specifications of designs, functions.

Schlumberger also delivers technical supports from exploration to production of the industry.

MagniSphere* High-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service

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This is a service developed by Schlumberger with the application of drilling and evaluating complex lithology. MagniSphere is Schlumberger’s high definition NMR LWD service. It delivers real-time reservoir evaluation data (by utilizing the Industry’s first simultaneous measurements of T1 and T2 distribution while drilling) improve drilling performance and optimize well placements for maximized production.

The introduction of the MagniSphere* high-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service was done on the 11th of November 2020 of which the service delivers accurate, real time producibility analysis for optimum well placement, resulting in improved production and recovery in complex reservoirs. Also, Real-time NMR data improves petrophysical evaluation to better place wells in pay zones.

Schlumberger: Launches MagniSphere a High-Definition NMR  Logging-While-Drilling Service - ROGTEC
Magnisphere* High Defintion NMR LWD Service

How it works

MagniSphere service is real-time NMR while drilling, simultaneously delivering T1 and T2 distributions, which measure the time it takes for formation fluid hydrogen nuclei to polarize and relax after being stimulated with a combination of magnetic fields.

How The New Schlumberger NMR Tool Will Impact LWD

This enables optimal characterization of heavy and light fluids with an equal level of accuracy within the widest range of rock fabrics

The T2 distribution;

  • Gives a better definition of fast-relaxing fluids—those with very short T times.
  • It also provides good definition of characteristics such as micro-porosity and heavy oil.
  • Has a faster acquisition time, so it enables better data statistics and precision.
  • Has accuracy on one type of fluid and specific bore size.

The T1 distribution;

  • Help characterize slower-relaxing fluids.
  • Help characterize fluids that are on the high end of the T time, which characterizes large pores, macro-porosity, light oil, and gas.
  • Is a longer measurement and is ROP sensitive, it has a better tolerance to lateral motion.
  • On a different type of fluid and pore size, having both simultaneously enable the characterization of a wider range of fluid types in a broader range of rock fabric.

MagniSphere service features an “intelligent” processing workflow that enables automated wellsite data delivery with very short turnaround times, improving decision making during time-sensitive operations.

How The New Schlumberger NMR Tool Will Impact LWD

MagniSphere* high-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service provides source less, real-time NMR data for accurate and precise reservoir characterization, which improves well placement for more productive hydrocarbon extraction from extended-reach wells.

  • Better understand producibility in complex reservoirs—flow or no flow.
  • Deliver lithology, independent porosity, irreducible and producible fluid volumes, pore size distribution, and continuous permeability in complex reservoirs.
  • Identify optimal location to perforate the lateral section to produce the most oil while avoiding water.
  • Improve the reservoir model.

Table showing Magnisphere* material specifications

Mechanical Specification
Hole size, in57/8–6 ¾
Nominal collar OD, in4.75
Length, ft31.26
Air weight, lbm1,740
Thread connection (downhole and uphole)NC38 box
Joint yield torque, lbf18,200
Max operating pressure, psi25,000
Max operating temperature, degF302
Max flow rate, galUS/min400
Pressure drop (PD)C† = 6,207 for medium-flow kit (230–310 galUS/min) C = 7,649 for high-flow kit (260–360 galUS/min) PD = MW‡ (lbm/galUS) × Q§^2 (galUS/min) / C
Max. dogleg sliding, °/100 ft30
Max dogleg rotating, °/100 ft15
Power sourceMud-lubricated turbine
Stabilizer 1 
Distance to tool bottom, ft0.7
OD, in5.75–6.625
Total flow area, %22–32
Stabilizer 2 
Distance to tool bottom, ft13.5
OD, in5.75–6.625
Total flow area, %14–23
Measurement Specification 
Sensor to tool bottom, ft2.58
Measurement distributionT1 and T2
Mud resistivity, ohm.m≥ 0.01
Echo spacing, us400
Diameter of investigation, in10
Magnetic field gradient, gn/cm2.5
Range of measurement 
Porosity, %0–100
T1, ms0.5–8,000
T2, ms0.5–8,000
Vertical resolution 
Static (antenna aperture), in2.5
Dynamic, ft at ft/h2 at 50 4 at 100
Measurement precision, pu1
Table showing Magnisphere* material specifications

 † Constant

‡ Mud weight

§ Square of drilling flow value Q

*Mark of Schlumberger

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