The Power of The Question Mark(?)


Have you ever wondered how crucial, important, deliberate, intelligent, and powerful the question mark(?) is?.

This write-up/article will be based on a lecture I attended and the lecture was organized by NASCENT COMMUNITY and it was really an insightful lecture.

What is a question mark(?), how often do you use it? are you a student that doesn’t like asking questions in class because you think it is a stupid question, or not correct, or you are shy to ask, or probably you tend to see yourself as a dull person?. if you fall in any of the above conditions, I say change!!!.

Asking a question makes you know more Understand more, interact more, decrease in curiosity, clever. There are uncountable reasons why we ask questions. It also helps us to think more thriving us to be solution-driven persons and also change our mindset.


In the English Language back then in secondary even back to primary school, we were made to understand that a question mark(?) is what we use to end a statement that is in a question form. Funny enough, we only knew that question mark(?) is for that reason but we were never told the importance of the question mark(?) or maybe you were told(smiles).

According to Wikipedia, The question mark? (also known as interrogation point, query, or eroteme in journalism) is a punctuation mark that indicates an interrogative clause or phrase in many languages. The question mark is not used for indirect questions. The question mark glyph is also often used in place of missing or unknown data.

The above definition gives a clue of what a question mark is.


Give meaning to these pictures and tell yourself the answer or your thoughts or put them down in the comments section. Note; for these pictures, everybody may have different words or explanations or reasonings and that is why we all are different from different thoughts. Mine may not be the same as yours, yours may not be the same as mine. However, there is something similar about us and that is our ability to reasoning.

The Importance/Power of the Question Mark(?)

There are various importance of the question mark(?) which are as follows;

The lecture hosted by NASCENT COMMUNITY with Mr. Tochukwu Emenaha as a speaker made me realize that children are one of the most question-asking creatures. The speaker (Mr. Tochukwu Emenaha) highlighted three ways through which we can apply the power of the question mark(?) in our living which are;

  1. Identify your call.
  2. Identify the gaps.
  3. Fill in the gap.
  1. Identify your call: what areas are you driven by? are a purpose-driven person? do you tend to impacts lives positively of which is a great essence though but you must know where you belong. The 7 spheres which he mentioned are;
  • media
  • government
  • religion
  • entertainment
  • economics
  • family
  • education

You can also check the UN SDGs(SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS). there are 17 goals that make up the UN SDGs of which you can pick one or more and work towards it/them.


  1. Identify the gaps: This is the second step is to identify the gaps in that area. This is where you will know how powerful the question mark(?) is. This stage is a very critical stage where you don’t play but evaluate effectively and be solution-driven. When you find out the gap, the missing link, the fill-in-the gap answer, the question mark(?) answer, then you are fulfilled and one step closer to achieving your goals and appreciating the power of the question mark(?).
  1. Fill in the gap: This last stage is to fill in the gap(smiles). This is the time to pay back the favor the question mark(?) gave you by identifying your call, finding out the missing link. you will have to pay back for the power of the question mark(?) to keep boosting and not reducing. This stage is the most challenging stage but it’s worth it. If there be any gap in your sphere, you are capable enough to the fill-in-the gap.

I will like to recommend a “world question day“.


All the best as you explore more from life and other aspects.

I wish you a Happy Novemebr as October is running out and I appreciate you for your contious support by reading, sending in a comment, and sharing for others to enjoy.

God bless you,

God bless me(smiles),

God bless our families, friends and well wishers,

God bless Nigeria.



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