What Is The Bright Spot For Petroleum Engineers And Geoscientists?

what could be the future of petroleum engineer?

What is the bright spot for petroleum engineers and geoscientists in the energy industry?

Energy Industry being a spectacular industry that since its existence has been transforming from one form to another, for example; from coal to hydrocarbons, from hydrocarbon now to renewables with cutting edge technologies which have made all these changes possible.

Since the Energy Industry is trending, it is a call unto the Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineer to be equipped to fit in the industry.

The major form of energy has been generated from fossil fuel which has really help in the demand for energy but has also contributed negatively to the environment.

The major forms of fossil fuels are coal, hydrocarbons which are Non-Renewable and takes millions of years to be formed.

EROEI (Energy Return on Energy Invested) which is the ratio of the amount of energy extracted versus the amount of energy put into the extraction process has made it possible that we will never really run out of Oil.

However, it will become too expensive for us to continue exploiting Oil in large quantities.

The economic systems and key driver of global civilization currently depend on abundant and cheap energy sources.

Since the discovery of oil in Nigeria by the then Shell D’Archy at Oliobiri in 1956, Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers have played a significant role in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons to meet energy demands with higher demand due to increasing population and economy of the country.

Due to the immense contribution of Oil and Gas to the Economy, Nigeria became a mono-economy which depends more on it thereby neglecting other sectors which would have added more to the GDP of the Nation.

Offshore construction platform for exploration and production oil and gas with bridge in evening time for power energy of the world concept.

The energy transition is a process from the current dominance of energy. i.e. the change from one form of energy to another.

Either by changing from Fossil fuels to Renewables or otherwise. According to estimates energy transition will reality take 20-30+years and it can be achieved with the following factors;

  • The outbreak of new technologies.
  • Use of less hydrocarbon and an increase in the use of gas.
  • Effective recycling.
  • Carbon management.
  • Higher energy demand with a higher population.

Renewable energy are energy sources that are renewable and easily tapped.

Examples are; solar, hydroelectric, tidal, wind, biofuels, geothermal energy.

Some major challenges in Renewables are as follows,

  • Storage.
  • Power generation.
  • Technologies.


The future of being a Geoscientists or Petroleum Engineers or other related careers amidst of Energy Transition will depend on what role you have to offer or play in terms of energy change.

The population is expected to grow, demand for more energy will be there, therefore the Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineer still have a large role to play to meet global energy consumption.


Here are some suitable roles Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers can play to have a future amidst Energy Transition.

You are free to research more on what you can do.

  • Environmental studies.
  • Mineral exploration.
  • Integration of the oil and gas industry thereby reducing gas flaring.
  • Environmental engineering.
  • Exploration for the solution on coal to be a cleaner form of energy.
  • Effective recycling.
  • Exploration for more hydrocarbons.
  • Environmental geology.
  • Carbon management.
  • Improvement in technology from exploration to abandonment or the E&P life cycle.
  • Politics.
  • Gas development.
  • Petroleum Economics.
  • Being curious; geologists are motivated by a sense of discovery
  • Economics.
  • Industrial uses of gas.
  • Development of Renewables.
  • Exploration for a cleaner energy source.
  • Geothermal exploration.
  • Consultancy.
  • Having a solution to the challenges of Renewables.
  • Embrace energy generation.
  • Greenhouse gas remediation.
  • Find the right balance between Energy Source, usage and the Environment.
  • Construction / design.
  • Energy sustainability and development.
  • Production optimization.
  • Being enthusiastic, zeal to relearn and knowing the right people.
  • Human Resources.
  • EOR. (Enhanced oil recovery)
  • Exploration for minerals to further increase the revenue of the country.
  • Mining.
  • Government policies.
  • Development of New cutting-edge Technologies.

In conclusion, According to Physical Geology, 14th Edition by Plummer, Carlson, Hammersley, 2013; your understanding of geology is an important step in your being able to help resolve moral dilemmas that we face to which there is no ideal solution.

The bright spot for you if you can make use of every good opportunity to develop yourself even with these little roles outlined above and please note that; all the skills as a Geoscientists and as a Petroleum Engineer you have learnt so far will still will needful and helpful in the Industry of the Future.

The industry changes its phase from one form to another, from the onset of men, there has been a change in the thinking of men, change in technology, change in environment, change in energy resources, change in demand, change in the workforce, even change in syllabus of students in school, change in the population, since change is constant, there is room for growth and also in development in order to meet global need.

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