Month: October 2020


The Power of The Question Mark(?)

Have you ever wondered how crucial, important, deliberate, intelligent, and powerful the question mark(?) is?. This write-up/article will be based on a lecture I attended and the lecture was organized by NASCENT COMMUNITY and it was really an insightful lecture. What is a question mark(?), how often do you use it? are you a student …

effective communication is key

The 7Cs for Effective Communication

What is your definition of effective communication? How well do you interact with your fellows, peers, course mates, workmates, and audience or people or gathering at large? Communication is a Paramount way of passing ideas, information, persuading, conveying a message, and so on whether in the industry or in your vicinity. Effective communication is what …

what could be the future of petroleum engineer?

What Is The Bright Spot For Petroleum Engineers And Geoscientists?

What is the bright spot for petroleum engineers and geoscientists in the energy industry? Energy Industry being a spectacular industry that since its existence has been transforming from one form to another, for example; from coal to hydrocarbons, from hydrocarbon now to renewables with cutting edge technologies which have made all these changes possible. Since …