Mind Blowing ways to get Interned in the Energy Industry-2020

Getting a job or internship today in the Nigerian Energy industry as a fresh graduate is a tough nut, especially if you have no god father! (Sad truth).

Another biter truth in Nigeria is that Jobs are no longer being advertised! Some are just advertised for formality, while the real owners of the job open being advertised already know themselves.

If you doubt this, search for job open, ensure you have the right qualifications and see if 90% of the various open that you applied for will ever contact you.

What the energy industry is doing now is retaining those who interned with them. That is why you will hardly see a job of 0-2years experience in the energy industry job market.

Get a godfather

You see, sometimes in this life a Joseph in Prison will need a cupbearer to whisper to the ears of Pharaoh: “there is this Hebrew shap in prission, he issa pro in dream stuffs, atink he sa right man for the job”

The point is, to secure whatever you need in the energy industry real quick as far as Nigeria is concerned, you must be recommended by someone ( the cupbearer).

We’ll there are so many ways to kill a rat, the same way there is so many ways to get a mentor, Godfather, or cupbearer in the energy industry.

One way (which I used) is to get involved in seminars, and technical sessions, belonging to a professional body as a student and being active in them will expand your opportunities.

So its not enough to say I am Nimeche, SEG, SPE, NIEEE,AAPG, NAPE, ISPON etc, you have to be active in any of these bodies when you join them!

Most times the speakers at various conferences are experienced individuals from the energy industry.

Don’t fold your hands and listen passively, rather get involved, be active and learn to network with them even though they are strangers!

Nobody will shoot you if walk up to them, smile and ask if you could get their contact card, get the contact and start building meaningful relationships.

Don’t ask your Mentor/Godfather for money! treat them well, and show genuine respect for their privacy and lifestyle. only then can they give you fishing equipment’s or teach you how to fish, instead of giving you just a fish.

So how can you get your dream internship in the energy industry?
Have you ever been turned down at the gate or offices while trying to submit an IT/internship, or a Job application? Do you struggle to get your application for a Project “case Study” into the right hands? Well in this article we are going see suggestions on how you can get our application straight to HR/Boss, without the letters hitting the trash can first!

Why Your Application Never gets to the Right Hands.

Some individuals in offices today are just a big bunch of mischief, let me explain, do you know that many persons have spotted (including me) an Aboki man using application letters and CV to wrap Suya? These companies don’t even care that such documents contains priviate information.

How does this happen? for example they may intimidate you into letting them know why you came and the content of your letter, then instead of helping to see your applications through to the boss, your application then acts as a reminder to them that there is a relative of theirs who needs to get into the position you are applying for, this alone is enough reason for your application to kiss the trash can immediately you shut the door!

Giving your friend the letter to submit isn’t a bad idea, but think about this: imagine that your friend finds himself in a situation where he/she has to choose between his own application and yours to submit, which one of the application do you think that may end up being submitted? Of course not yours, he/she may even in an attempt to preserve the friendship and save face tell you that yours has been submitted, well, this is worse than a trash can situation! After all a trash can is still within the establishment.

How to ensure your application gets to the right hands.

Well getting your application to the right hands has been a source of concern especially for those of us that has no Father , no uncle nor Relatives to help them and serve as their god fathers in the establishment which they are sending an application.

so what can be done? We are about to give you a tip which you must have neglected and considered outdated, possibly because you had never use it before.

USE THE POST OFFICE (NIPOST) to send your application!
Why is this important?, well there will not be any bulky security man at the gate to denied you or your application access into the building for any reason whatsoever!

There will not be an interrogating official whom you will remind to invite his relatives to apply for the post which your are applying for; the reason is because your application is sealed!

Never ever under estimate the power of the fifty naira stamp duty pasted to the right hand side of your application envelop. Moreover when a post man comes to an establishment a piece of document is signed indicating that the later has been given to whom it was addressed to.

Now what will you do? why not start looking around for a courier service or a post office around you, it is not costly at all!

For example if you live in warri why not pay a visit to the post office which is along Effurun/Sapele rd. if you are in Lagos the post office in Oshodi is bubbling with life, the good thing is that the letters will be delivered in 72hrs, this is a good opportunity for you to use and spread your tentacles nationwide.

You can always use other courier services providers like DHL, not too sure if they deal with mails, but NIPOST is very certain.
Don’t sit down, and wait for these companies to announce internship opportunities, sometimes you just have to find their address and mail them.

This article was designed and structured to suit the needs of students Federal University of Petroleum Resource, Petroleum Training Institute, and any student who wish to secure internship in the energy industry.

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