Overview of Wireless Energy Transmission

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Wireless energy transmission (wireless electricity) is a term used to refer to all the methods by which electrical energy can be transported from source to receiver without wires

Wireless electricity
finds it application where the use of wires may be hazardous,

Wireless energy transmission might gradually reduce the use of batteries, as it continue to reduce cost and increase the mobility of mobile devices.

Wireless Energy Transfer falls into two Categories:

1. The Near Field energy Transmission

2. The far Field Energy Transmission

The Near Field Transmission.

In Near Field Energy Transmission, energy is transmitted over a short distance through magnetic fields using inductive couplings between coils of wires or between electric fields using capacitive coupling.


1. Charging of mobile devices

2. Induction cooking

3. Electric toothbrush

4. Electric vehicles

5. Wireless energy transfer in Electrical vehicles.



The Far Field Energy Transfer

Also known as power beaming, it is the transfer of electrical energy through beams of electromagnetic radiation, such as laser or micro wave. The energy beaming technique is aimed at transporting power over a long distance and must be beamed or aimed at a receiver. 

One of the downside of the far field energy transmission is how to keep humans away from long exposure to hazardous electromagnetic beams.


1. Electric Drones.

Why Wireless Energy Transfer?

It became necessary to transmit energy wirelessly given the overwhelming growth in the use of portable device. Mobiles devices have become ubiquitous with circuits built to consume low amount of energy, because of the frequency at which this devices are being used, there is always a need to recharge them.

However using the conventional mean of energy transfer (wired ) has been found inconveniencing most times.

Conclusively, many decades ago, the thought of communicating with distant relatives seems to be like a magical idea, wireless communication which prevail today, also looks as though it was impossible many years ago. 

With more research and development the potential hazards possed by the far field transmission will be brought to barest minimum, wireless energy transfer will bring about more advancement in technology and ease of doing stuffs.

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