Determination of Cement Density

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AIM: To determine the density of cement slurry

SIGNIFICANCE: cement density determination gives an expression of the total pressure a cement column will exert when pumped downhole, knowledge of this is essential in other to avoid fracturing the formation.

THEORY: the cement density is the mass of cement per unit volume, the hydrostatic pressure exerted by a column of cement is dependent on the density, cement slurry density can be determined using a pressurized mud balance, which consists of a cup and a graduated arm, carrying a sliding weight resting on fulcrum it eliminates the effect of gas bubbles on cement density.

Slurry density must be continuously monitored in order to control the relative amount of water and additives used; cement slurry density must be about the same as that of drilling fluids in the wellbore.

1. Measuring Cylinder
2. Pressurized mud balance

1. A portion of already prepared slurry should be poured into the cup of pressurized mud balance until it reached the brim.
2. The cup cover alongside the lid should be screwed into the cup until it was pressure tight
3. Some portion of the slurry will be sucked by the piston from the measuring cylinder
4. The sucked slurry was should then be placed on the fulcrum and the sliding weight be adjusted until the spirit level was centralized.
5. Then readings should be taking
Reading are taking and recorded in pounds per feet cube, pounds per gallon, specific gravity
And PSI per 100feet.

1. ensure that the body of the mud balance was wiped off spillage
2. ensure the plume level was centralized

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