Identification of Cement Slurry Mixing and Testing Equipments


1.    Sieve: A sieve is a device used to filter cement
samples to achieve fine grained slurry.

A sieve of size 20micro ohms is used for
cement sieving.

2.     Analytical Balance: this is a measuring instrument
used for determining the weight of cement being used for analysis

Cement Blender: cement blender is used for
proper mixture of cement slurry; it rotates at high speed ranging from 400rpm
to 600 rpm.

.   4.   Pressurized mud balance: this is a device used
to measure the density of cement slurry under significant pressure, such that
the gas bubbles in the slurry is minimized or eliminated.

Measuring cylinder: the equipment is graduated
in ml and is used to measure the quantity of water as well as cement used in
the analysis.

Viscometer: this device is used for the
determination of the viscosity of the cement slurry used in the oil and gas
well cementing.

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